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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order a Subway® Platter?

Simply visit where you’ll find a link taking you straight to the online ordering page. The new Subway® Platters website is simple and easy to navigate. In just a few clicks your order will be complete and fully trained Sandwich Artists™ will ensure your order is made to perfection, just before you need it.

2. Do I need to register before I can place an actual order?

Yes, because it is important to get your order to you just as you want it! However, feel free to browse through the online menu first without the need to register. Once you know what you want just login on the home page. But don’t worry, registration is quick and there aren’t many questions. Remember, you’ll only need to do this once.

3. Can I change my password?

Absolutely! In fact it is recommended. Anything that makes it easier for you to order your favourite Subway® Platter is just about the best thing you could do! Simply login, go to the My Details page and you will see an option for changing your password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive so ensure your caps lock is off (or on if you prefer)! It is really that easy!

4. What If I forget my password?

Not to worry! You will be sent a reminder by email. Just click on the link and the system will do the rest!

5. Can I order subs online as well as platters?

At present, only delicious Subway® Platters, bottled soft drinks, juices and still water are available to order online. You can also choose from a great selection of treats such as crisps, cookies and muffins. Online ordering of individual subs is another area that is being worked on so watch this space!

6. I would like to change the subs in the platter. Is that possible?

Subway® Platter selections are made up of a variety of the most delicious and popular subs. The aim is to offer the widest selection possible at the best possible price. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any changes to the types of subs in each platter when ordering online. But surely you’ll agree they are tasty!

7. Do all Subway® stores offer delivery?

Not all stores deliver, but most will. Subway® stores offering a Collection only service will be clearly identified with a capital C.

8. Do all Subway® stores offer House Accounts?

Not all stores offer House Accounts, but all offer Cash on Delivery/Collection and most offer Credit Card payment options too. Subway® stores offering House Accounts will be clearly identified with a capital HA. To set up a House Account, simply follow the instructions on the My Details page once you have registered.

9. What is the earliest I can have my Subway® Platter delivered?

At present all stores offering delivery will deliver anytime from 11am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

10. What is the earliest I can have my Subway® Platter available for in-store collection?

This can be done from 10am to closing each day, seven days a week. Just say the word!

11. Can I choose the ingredients in the platter?

No, all Subway® Platters ordered online are made to a specific formula and they cannot be changed. However, you can be assured the subs are as tasty as the ones you buy in your local stores, made with delicious baked bread and using only the best ingredients.

12. Can I choose what sauce goes with my order?

All Subway® Platters ordered online come with some (but not a lot of) light mayonnaise. These are made to a strict formula, and that cannot be changed. Subway® Platters are made with your convenience in mind and the aim is to offer a tasty sub, without the unnecessary mess sauce sometimes creates, so it is easy to eat. Especially convenient in that all important meeting!

13. Can I choose the breads?

Yes. For each type of platter you have the option to choose from the following:

  • White only
  • Wheat only
  • White & Wheat combination
  • Gourmet Bread Selection (Exact breads will vary based on availability at time of preparation)

14. Can customers choose a different type of cheese with their order?

All platters are made with American Cheese Slices.

15. I don’t like cheese. Do I have to have cheese?

With you on this one! Just tick the ‘No Cheese’ box beside each Subway® Platter that you order and rest assured you’ll get just what you wanted.

16. I heard some Subway® stores offer Certified Halal Meats. How can I be sure I am ordering from the right Subway® store ?

That’s right, the aim is to offer choice to customers and a few select stores in the UK offer a range of Certified Halal Meats. When searching for your store, be sure to click on the ‘Halal Stores Only’ box. All Subway® stores serving Certified Halal Meats will be clearly identified with a capital H. Rest assured they offer the same great taste and quality as other stores serving the traditional Gold Standard meats.

17. Is there a cut-off time for customers to order?

We now offer same day ordering! Any online orders placed by 10:30am can be ready for same day collection only from 12 noon onwards. For delivery orders, these will still need to be placed by 4.30pm the day before. For your convenience, you can place an order up to one week in advance.

18. How do I pay for my order?

Orders made online must be paid online either by Credit/Debit card, by Cash on Delivery, or by House Account, depending on what payment options are offered by the specific store. All payment processes are secure. The Credit/Debit card payment service is provided by Barclaycard Payment Acceptance. Your card details are not stored online when you make a payment.

19. What times do stores deliver?

At present stores deliver from 11am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Collection in-store is available from 10am to closing. Please refer to the store locator on the website for full details on opening hours of your selected Subway® store.

20. Is there a delivery charge?

All orders of £30 and above are delivered free of charge within the designated delivery area for each store. For all orders below £30, there will be a £5 delivery charge added to your final bill. Delivery areas will vary by store.

21. Can I choose a different store after I register?

Of course! It is all about you! All your details can be easily changed, including your chosen default store. Just click on the ‘My Details’ tab and make any changes necessary.

22. Will I be able to print a receipt after I place my order?

After you finalize your order you can print a confirmation for your records. You will also be sent an email with the confirmation of your order for your peace of mind. On delivery or collection you will receive your VAT receipt. And remember, all your orders are saved on the website and you can refer to them whenever you login.

23. What if I order the same items every time I login, do I have to go through the whole process every time?

That wouldn’t be much fun! The website will let you save all your orders as favourites, so you don’t have to repeat them time and time again. Just visit your ‘My Favourites’ page where you can refer to your past orders and that will save you precious time when you order.

24. Can I cancel my order?

Meeting adjourned? Don’t worry; your order can be cancelled! Simply login to your account and under ‘Order History’ you will see a link allowing you to cancel your order. But remember, any orders must be cancelled no later than 5pm the day before delivery / collection and will be entitled to a full refund. After this point, your order is already in the system and unfortunately no refund will be possible.

25. What do I do if I have any problems?

You can call the store you order from directly. Their phone number is on the confirmation email you receive after you place your order. Just give them a ring and they will endeavour to help you with your problem.

26. I tried the store but still need assistance!

In that case, please call the dedicated Customer Support Administrator. While it’s not possible to take orders on this number, rest assured there is a real person monitoring your order behind the scenes and they are here to help. Simply dial 0-800-014-8170. Feel free to call this number with any issues that cannot be resolved at store level or if you simply want to say how great your Subway® Platters were. Of course, if it wasn’t quite right, please take a few moments say so. You can also email us at

27. I am a regular customer and always order my platters from a specific store. Do I have to order platters on line from now on?

Once you’ve tried the online ordering, chances are you’ll love it. Plus, what you like will be remembered making it easier & quicker to order next time. All new offers and promotions will also be listed here. But understandably, sometimes it just feels better dropping in and placing an order directly. Most (but not all) stores will offer this option so feel free to ask at store level. By ordering through the website however you can rest assured your order is being monitored through the entire process. It even knows when it has left the store! In the end it is up to you, the customer. The aim is to make great tasting Subway® Platters offering excellent value for money. All that is asked is that you enjoy it! 

28. Can I collect SubCard points from orders made through the Subway® Platters website?

Unfortunately, at this point in time orders made through the Subway® Platters website are not eligible to receive points through the SubCard Programme.

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